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Story Matters. When we share why domestic violence awareness is important to us, why we care about domestic violence and working together to end domestic violence... we help other people think about things they may not have ever considered before. That knowledge helps us all become even stronger advocates for victims of domestic violence and better partners in finding solutions.

Join us! Here's how:

- Walk a mile anytime, anywhere during the month of October. If you are not able to walk a mile, you can insead spend some time reflecting on domestic violence- how it has affected you or others, why it matters to you, etc.
-Share a post on social media (adjust the setting to public) with a statement of why you are walking/reflecting that includes the hashtags #DVAM and #SAFEinBC. Include a picture or video if you'd like!

We've already heard positive feedback about how impactful the stories of those that have participated have been on others. YOU can make a difference too. Make plans to participate today! Invite your friends and colleagues to join you.

We look forward to learning with you.