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Public Education

We believe that education and community awareness are essential to prevention efforts. Our Public Education Program works to educate the public about the issues victims face, such as legal and policy issues, prevention and treatment for victims and assailants, and the social and economic barriers that force victims back into abusive situations. Our program also acts as a liaison with various media to promote awareness of the services provided by S.A.F.E. Place. In addition, we promote our “Battered Hearts: A Story of Family Violence” DVD that depicts victims and their children.

S.A.F.E. Place staff will come speak to your group about Domestic Violence Prevention, and S.A.F.E. Place Services. We send advocates to teach schools, to at-risk youth, educators, coaches, youth care workers, to healthcare providers around universal screening, with community partners, first responders, churches and civic groups, and in pre-professional/college classrooms.

If you are interested in educating your group, please call.... 269-965-6093 ext 23


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