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For many of us, the shelter in place orders is to further promote safety and health. For those of us who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence, the current lock-down presents more fear and uncertainty than the virus itself.

Abusers May:

- Withhold necessary items such as cell phones and cleaning supplies

- Share misinformation about the pandemic to control or frighten survivors
- Prevent survivors from seeking appropriate medical attention if symptoms present
- Withhold insurance cards or threaten to cancel insurance
- Feel more justified and escalated their isolation tactics

Response to COVID-19

Our Counselors and Advocates can help you develop a safety plan. We understand that you know your situation best and will help develop ways to reduce the risk of harm in unsafe situations. Having a plan ahead of time, can help you in times of high-stress to not have to think about your next actions. With the changes in our environments and limits in our resources due to COVID-19, a safety plan may be an option. ​​

We Proudly Welcome All Races & Ethnicities, All Religions, All Gender Identities, All Sexual Orientations,

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We have altered our shelter

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distancing standards.

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our crisis line is available
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View our COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan